How to Prepare Tasty Dambu shinkafa with veg.sauce

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Dambu shinkafa with veg.sauce. Tuwo shinkafa is usually prepared from scratch with short grain rice (local rice), but it can also be prepared with rice flour (which is the easiest&fastest method). It is also a good substitute for Eba and Fufu, if you're watching your cholesterol or gluten intake. To prepare Tuwo shinkafa from Scratch.

Dambu shinkafa with veg.sauce Tuwo Shinkafa (Rice balls) – Northern Nigeria. Today video highlights our presenter, Warripikin who took a visit to the Hausa community again to make friends and tasted the menu for that morning, Dambun Shinkafa.… Hausa Dish. Easy Way To Make Traditional Hausa Food Dambun Shinkafa. You can cook Dambu shinkafa with veg.sauce using 20 ingredients and 13 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Dambu shinkafa with veg.sauce

  1. You need of Grinded rice (2 cups).
  2. It’s of Tattasai (3).
  3. You need of Tarugu (2).
  4. It’s of Onion (1).
  5. Prepare of Maggie (4).
  6. It’s of Potato (2).
  7. Prepare of Meat.
  8. It’s of Carrot (3).
  9. Prepare of Groundnut (4 tbspn Wanda aka nika).
  10. Prepare of Lawashi.
  11. Prepare of Alayyaho.
  12. It’s of Cucumber.
  13. You need of Curry (1 tbspn).
  14. It’s of Oil (1/2 cup).
  15. Prepare of For the sauce.
  16. It’s of Cabbage.
  17. You need of Carrot (2).
  18. You need of Maggie (1).
  19. Prepare of Curry.
  20. It’s of Oil (2 tbspn).

Barzajjiyar shinkafa Zogale Tarugu Albasa Veg. Oil Maggi and salt to taste Soyayyar gyada (gyadar amaro). Packed with hidden goodness. "There are three great things about this recipe. First up, it's great for embracing whatever veg you've got to hand You can also make this sauce by roasting the veg for maximum flavour.

Dambu shinkafa with veg.sauce instructions

  1. Ga ingredients.
  2. Da farko zaki yi slicing onion sai ki yanka alayyaho da lawashi ki wanke kisa a colander.
  3. Sai ki slicing carrot,sauran kuma ki yanka ta tsaye sai ki wanke sannan ki wanke tarugu da tattasai ki graeting nasu ki ajiye a gefe.
  4. Zaki fere potato sai ki yanka kaman haka ki wanke kisa a tukunya da ruwa kadan ki dafa sai kisa a colander.
  5. Sai ki wanke meat ki yanka kanana kisa Maggie curry ki juya sai kisa oil a pan ki soya.
  6. Zaki sa ruwa a tukunya kisa murfin kwano sai ki wanke grinded rice kisa a buhu ki rufe kaman haka ki barshi yayi 2mins.
  7. In yayi sai kisa graeted kayan miya kisa lawashi, alayyaho da potato.
  8. Sai kisa slice onion,Maggie, curry,carrot da meat, sai ki juya sosai sannan ki mayar cikin buhun kisa akan wuta yayi 5min.
  9. Sai kisa oil a tukunya kisa onion inya soyu kisa groundnut aciki yayi brown kaman haka sai ki sauke yasha iska.
  10. Gashi dambu yayi sai ki juye a ruba kisa oil da kika soya da groundnut aciki ki juya sosai.
  11. For the sauce, zaki sa oil a pan kisa onion sai graeted kayan miya,Maggie da curry.
  12. Sai kisa carrot da cabbage ki juya su hade sai ki barshi yayi 1min.
  13. Zaki samu bowl sai kisa dambu aciki sai ki samu spoon ki rinka dannawa inya ciki ki dauko plate din da zaki sa ki kifa akai sai ki cire bowl din.

Just toss your prepped veggies with olive oil, sea salt and black. READ ALSO: How to make vegetable sauce with ugu. These rice balls are the most welcome and most Dambu Nama. It's the real Northern Nigeria delicacy that you must try at least If you know the previous two recipes, then you will like to know that Dambu Nama meat will. Veg shammi kabab recipe with step by step photos. i make these delicious veg shammi kababs usually with black chickpeas or kala chana. if you have presoaked chana handy, then making these kala chana kababs is a breeze.